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All ride aircraft are first come first served at the show.
Prices range from approx $50 per person for a helicopter ride, $100+ for a biplane, up to several hundred for warbirds.

Boeing Stearman, WWII era Biplane

R-44 AKR.jpg

"Tillie" the Super Stearman will be on display and flying during the event. This aircraft is based at Akron-Fulton and is available for rides year-round.

Today, you too can don a leather helmet and goggles and take to the air.  Feel the breeze in your hair as you soar gracefully over the local countryside and relive the golden age of aviation.

Helicopter Rides CANCELLED

R-44 AKR.jpg

Rides canceled due to unforseen circumstances by the ride company....we'll have the helicopter back to next year

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