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Did you know Akron was a Navy base?
The Akron-Fulton Airport, opened in 1929 and for awhile was designated a U.S. military base where military airships and Corsair aircraft where common sights. During the last few years of World War II Goodyear Aircraft constructed more than 4,000 Corsairs, with some of Corsairs serving the Navy in Akron until the late 1950's. 
The Airport Terminal building is on the National Register of Historical places and has several Historical Markers in it's parking lot detailing the vast history of this airport.

In the 1950's through the 1960s the airport was often used as a drag strip, and is home to the now closed Rubber Bowl, Soap Box Derby, a BMX track, and the legendary Airdock.
Built in 1929, the huge Goodyear Airdock, was created as a space where blimps, airships, and dirigibles could be constructed. The hanger stands over 200 feet tall and well over 1,000 feet long, all without any interior supports like pillars or struts. At the time of its completion, the building was the largest of its kind in the world. The building holds over a million cubic meters of space in which to create massive lighter-than-air ships. To get the ships out of the airdock once they were completed, both of the rounded ends of the building actually slid apart like rounded wedge doors. Each of the doors weighed 600 tons, powered by their own separate power plants. Of course, construction on this grand scale created some surprising issues. For one, the huge building was expected to expand and contract as the temperature changed, so much of the structure was placed on rollers so that it could do so without doing any structural damage. In addition, the temperature inside and outside the building would often be drastically different, creating a sort of indoor weather system. To combat this, rows of massive windows were installed on either side of the hanger which open up to equalize the temperatures. However, despite this, during certain conditions, condensation can accumulate in the upper air of the hanger and begin to "rain" on the builders below.

Pitts Model 12
The Trevor Rafferty Pitts Model 12 airshow is a thrilling spectacle that captivates audiences worldwide with its combination of precision aerobatics and daredevil maneuvers. Named after the legendary aviator himself, the Model 12 embodies the pinnacle of performance and agility in the world of aerobatic aircraft.

Did we forget to mention he builds his own planes too?

Pitts 12 Trevor Rafferty.jpg
Trevor Rafferty.jpg
Pitts 12 Trevor Rafferty 1.jpg
Pitts 12.jpg

Martin Hivon and the YAK-55M
Breathtaking, adrenaline filled, solo aerobatic performance that will delight all ages! With a roll rate close to 360 degrees per second and a 370 HP radial engine, the Yakovlev YAK-55M has been a remarkable airshow aircraft for close to 35 years! Martin is a former CF-18 pilot in the Canadian Armed Forces and will maneuver the YAK to its limits.

Pre-show aerial banner: look to the skies for our aerial banner on your way to our event.

Martin 1.jpg
Martin banner.webp
PROPS & PISTONS 2019 1757.jpg

Rick Volker and the Siai Marchetti SF.260
Rick is an unlimited category International Aerobatic Club pilot and has competed in aerobatic competitions for many years in high performance aircraft such as the Pitts and Sukhoi. Rick has won numerous regional aerobatic events. He is a former competitive swimmer, speed skater, bicycle racer, cross-country skier, and body builder. Such is the type of
conditioning required to fly at this level, as Rick alternates between plus 11 and minus 6 Gs, often in the same maneuver.
Rick is a practicing dentist in Niagara Falls, New York and
currently teaches advanced aerobatics to pilots in their own aircraft.

GERONIMO Skydiving Team
GERONIMO! Skydiving Team members are some of the most experienced and skilled civilian show jumpers in North America. As disciplined professionals, the members are committed to performance excellence, safety, professionalism, and personal integrity. In addition to high standards as performers they are dedicated to giving back to the community and strive to be role models for today's youth.


Have your cameras ready as the team conducts two jumps each day, one with the American flag during our National Anthem and then later in the day as superheroes. Be sure to have the kids ready as the superhero's love to sign autographs.

GERONIMO! Skydiving Team Media Photo.jpg
GERONIMO! American Flag.jpg
Spiderman GERONIMO! Super Hero.jpg
Geronimo super heros.jpg

T-34 formation flying
Have your camera ready for a DOZEN

 T-34's flying in perfect formation 

T-34 flight 4.JPG
T-34 flight3.JPG

Flybys and other aerial displays
Numerous aircraft will be conducting photo passes & flyovers during the event many of which will be on display. Get up close and personal with these planes and their pilot in between demos. 

Please note: All displays and participating aircraft are subject to change due to operational needs, weather, maintenance issues, etc.

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