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What is STEM? STEM is the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Below are several of the many ways you can learn about STEM topics & related careers at our show.

Akron Fire Department Smokehouse

The safety House is a training simulation that allows participants to recognize fire hazards in the home, which may also be identified in general locations as well. The target audience is children ages 5 through 9, however the information offered is beneficial to all age groups. Permission MUST be given by an adult for children to participate in activities on the Fire Safety Trailer as (Non Toxic) fog is used to represent smoke for a realistic simulation of smoky conditions in the home.

Akron Children's Hospital
Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU)

Akron Children’s owns and operates four mobile intensive care ground units. They are prepared with invasive and non-invasive cardiorespiratory monitoring, neonatal and pediatric ventilators, oxygen, heliox and nitric oxide therapy for neonatal patients, defibrillators, cervical spine immobilization equipment and chest drainage systems. During transport, patients are closely monitored and receive the same high-quality care that is offered at Akron Children’s Hospital.

Stop by at the show and see a non-aviation example of STEM careers at work.

Akronauts Rocket Design Team

The University of Akron Rocket Team consists of engineering students from various educational disciplines and backgrounds. Their mission is to advance aerospace technology by providing students a platform of multifaceted, hands-on experience as they pursue excellence in their fields of study. Stop by their display for some hands on learning.

C-130 and STEM

Watch this amazing promotional video to see the various things this aircraft can accomplish. None of this can happen without many STEM related occupations working together. From the engineers who built the plane, to the crew that maintains it, to the flightcrew, and the dozens of careers in between this is an excellent example of STEM at work. Imagine the science involved in dropping thousands of pounds of cargo from 20,000 feet and it lands where you planned? 

This is just one of many aircraft at the show that you can learn about, ask questions to the crew, and imagine yourself in these career fields.

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